Here's a list of some of our favourite web sites, including many that we contribute to.

Our latest venture, provides fantasy sports analysis that goes beyond the boxscores.

A great place to keep abreast of the latest high tech developments and a site Pen-Ultimate often is a contributor to.

One of the web's finest sources of fantasy sports content. Pen-Ultimate not only contributes regularly but also previously acted as the Editor in Chief of this site.

The magazine about magazines. An excellent source of the latest news in the Canadian publishing industry.

The first place I go when I need to find out news, information or people. A simply indispensable tool.

A good tool for those interested in the craft of writing.

A great resource that allows users to search a huge database of media outlets.

A very useful online dictionary for those times when the Webster's is not within reach.

The Periodical Writers Association of Canada includes many resources useful for writers and those looking for writers, including information about fees, copyright and finding sources.

Full-service web design firm that created this very site. Specialties include micro sites, flash applications and corporate web site design.

A site for people who are serious about their music and passionate about constantly finding new artists to enjoy. It's an intuitive music engine that learns more about your personal taste the more information you give it. Warning: this is a highly addictive application.

This site belongs to an old friend who spent seemingly forever in school. Well, look at her now, one of the world's most renowned environmental archaeologists specializing in Central American research.

Hey, we're all guilty of it sometimes. This site helps identify and remedy the most common English language mistakes. A handy tool.

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