Llorca, New Comer    

I first got turned on to this CD when I downloaded a couple of MP3s on a sampler site. Unlike most, getting free music often prompts me to go out and buy the whole disc, and it certainly did in this case, as I was blown away by what I heard and craved more. Released in 2001, this disc is on the same record label that St. Germain (aka Ludovic Navarre) is on, and they capitilize on it by trumpeting the fact across the front of the disc. There's definitely a resemblance to some of St. Germain's work, particulary his compelling Boulevard CD, so if you're a fan of that type of music, I'd recommend Llorca (full name Ludovic Llorca; yes another Ludovic). For a debut CD, New Comer is very strong, and does not sound recycled in the least. He stays true to jazzy ambiences, even sampling Charles Mingus' "Haitian Fight Song" on one track. The CD features dance artist Nicole Graham and her sweet, soulful vocals on "Indigo Blues," a track she co-wrote with Llorca. Other guest appearances include saxophonist Julien Lourau (who's also worked with Galliano) and trumpeter Christian Lechevretel (who appeared on Peter Gabriel's Up). If you like jazzy soul, with a chilled beat, New Comer is a CD worth checking out.


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