Rob Blackstien, principal of Pen-Ultimate, has been writing and editing professionally since the late 1980s. After graduating from Centennial College's Journalism - Print program, Rob's editorial career has taken him from newspapers to magazines; from books to online publishing. Prior to forming Pen-Ultimate, Rob worked at a variety of publishing firms including Rogers Media, Carswell Thomson Professional Publishing and HOMES Publishing Group.

Having spent years working in-house, Rob has a first-hand understanding of what skills editors value: they want someone who can take a project from start to finish; they need someone who can solve challenges along the way; and most of all, they desire someone who can remove the headache of worrying about whether this project will be completed on time and to specifications. Rob knows what keeps you awake at night, and is here to provide solutions and allow you to focus on your job.

Over the years, Rob has honed his skills as a writer and editor, learning what it takes to grab and hold the reader's attention regardless of the topic matter. While he specializes in high tech, marketing and sports writing, Rob prides himself on his ability to bring any topic to life. He has written for a wide variety of industries, including high tech, sales, cosmetics, hardware, grocery, housing and legal/accounting.

For more on Rob's background, see his resume: View PDF (25k)

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