Pen-Ultimate is a full-service writing and editing firm, capable of tackling virtually any size or type of editorial project and seeing it through to completion with verve and enthusiasm. We specialize in high tech, marketing and sports writing and are well-versed in creating a wide variety of formats, including hard news, briefs, features, columns, case studies, newsletters, advertising supplements, promotional/marketing materials and press releases.

With more than 15 years of experience writing and editing for newspapers, magazines, trade publications, newsletters, web sites, corporations and associations, Pen-Ultimate can provide solutions for your editorial needs on time and on budget. We pride ourselves on our attention to the most minute detail of every project and our resourcefulness to unearth the appropriate sources to bring every writing assignment to life.

For the second straight year, we were asked to help write The Fantasy Baseball Guide, a fantasy magazine circulated across North America that includes work by some of the top writers in the industry. We wrote 200 of the pitcher profiles and also contributed picks/pans and favourite rookies with commentary for both these sections. Pen-Ultimate was then commisioned to help edit the magazine and oversee improvements in its quality over the 2005 edition. I'd highly recommend this magazine, not only because of the high level of content, but having seen the page proofs, I can attest that it's far more visually appealing than ever before.
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